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Girl Mom | Professional Photographer

I'm a portrait photographer based in Atlantic, Iowa with over 11 years of professional experience. I LOVE WHAT I DO SO MUCH! I am a member of Professional Photographer of America, and actively pursuing my certification as a professional photographer. I attend many hands on trainings and classes from the very best in the photography world all around the country to bring that professionalism back to Iowa with me!

I believe in personal connection with my clients so that they become friends or better yet, family! I love providing personalized service to every client, such as going through your images with you in person. This way I make sure you LOVE every image you receive, that your order fits your needs, and that you have the very best quality products in the industry.

I can't wait to tell your story through professional portraits!



I am very friendly and calm natured person. I love getting to know my clients, laughing with the wedding party, and creating a fun environment where I can capture true personality and emotions. Every portrait I produce is entirely different from any other. I custom tailor my session experiences to my clients and who they are.


Most people would describe me as down to earth, professional, and caring. I am extremely directive and efficient when it comes to organizing portrait sessions or events to make sure we can cover everything my client would like in a stress free efficient manor. I am great with kids and WILL DO ANYTHING to get them to smile or laugh. If you know, you know.


I have extensive experience with families, seniors, children, engagement, and wedding photography. I invest a lot of time into education each year to continue to grow as a photographer and provide the very best experience to my clients. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of Iowa. I am currently pursuing my Certification as a Professional Photographer with PPA.


My clients tend to be fun, happy, sophisticated, and down to earth. They value high quality portraits and trust me to produce it for them. They love the experiences and value photography as an important part of the family history.

People that are drawn to my work are people that want custom curated sessions and art that reflects their true character. This means locations, outfits, and poses are all carefully chosen to showcase their personality and relationships.

I only take a very limited amount of bookings per season to ensure I give each client the attention and care that they need. My clients receive in person consultations to help as I truly care to take the time to prepare you for every session and make your portraits unique.


In a digital world where images you share are buried in a news feed in an hour never to be seen again. I want your great grandchildren to be able to enjoy a beautiful archival print in their hands when they are curious about which side of the family they resemble the most. There is an incredible difference between scrolling through photos on your phone and holding an heirloom album in your hands as you carefully flip through each page. I'm not going to hand you a flash drive of images and send you away to figure out the rest on your own. I am a full service studio, and I will walk you through the entire process from the style and concept consultation until you have a gorgeous heirloom quality album in your hands and breathtaking wall art ready to hang on your walls.

Why photography?

A single photograph holds more value than any other object. It is the only thing that grows in value and ages with eminence connection. It's the only thing in this world, that is priceless. Especially in the event of loosing someone you love so dearly. Photography holds a unique power in our lives, capturing moments that are otherwise fleeting. It's a timeless art that preserves cherished memories allowing us to relive special occasions, emotions, and experiences from the past. Through my lens of a camera, I'm able to freeze time and encapsulate the beauty of a single moment. Creating a visual legacy for families that can be passed down for generations to come. It's about telling the stories of my clients in a creative way that preserve the moment to be enjoy for generations to come. It's about celebrating who YOU are, what you've accomplished, the moment you're in, the hardships, the joys, and every moment in between. Every moment in your life, deserves to be captured. I'm so glad you've found the photographer who values a moment so greatly, to provide you with portraits you'll cherish forever. I know first hand how priceless a portrait can be, I've felt the heartache and the photographs make my heart hurt a little less. I get to see my dad's smiling face holding a camera or giving me a big giant breath taking hug, thanks to a photograph.

It's always the perfect time to save a memory.

Book the Session. Take the Portraits. You will NEVER regret it!

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